Custom Work Is Our Specialty

Unlike other wholesale lumber supply companies, O’Malley Lumber can customize products for our customers – whether it’s a pallet that can accommodate a non-traditional sized product or product displays. That’s one of the ways we’ve remained in business for more than half a century.

Our sawmills and warehouses are equipped with the latest in technology, which makes it easy to produce whatever you need – and then deliver it on time.

Green and Clean

As a lumber company we realize the importance of the environment, and our goal is to ensure that nothing is wasted in our process. As members of organizations like the Virginia Forest Products Associations, we’re dedicated to keeping the nation’s forests replenished and healthy. In addition, we don’t use any harmful chemicals in our facilities and the sawdust we produce is used to create pellets for home heating and cooking.

We Can Handle
Any Order

At O’Malley Lumber we’re big enough to handle everything from government and military contracts to orders that can fit in a delivery van. No matter the size or the shape, we can deliver for you like we’ve been doing for more than 50 years.

From Pallets to Pellets
Build Your Future With O’Malley Lumber

O’Malley Lumber is one of the East Coast’s largest pallet manufacturers and wholesale lumber companies, with locations in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. We’ve been in the pallet production and wholesale lumber business for more than 50 years. Every company employee believes in providing clients with the highest-quality products and customer service available. That’s why our reputation is rock solid.

Whether you need wooden pallets that have been heat treated for international shipping or wood packaging that’s sturdy, dependable, and attractive, O’Malley Lumber is the answer. We also create customized pallets for products of any shape and size, along with wooden packaging that spruces up your product’s image. Our operations are linked with the latest technology and our own trucking fleet that helps to ensure overnight delivery almost anywhere on the East Coast.

O’Malley Lumber’s inventory stocking programs helps ensure that you’ll never run out of a pallet or product, because we keep track for you.

For more information or to place an order, fill out the contact form on our site, call 410.477.0500, or email us.