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Point of Purchase

Spruce Up Your Point of Purchase Displays

Attracting customers’ attention to your products presents multiple challenges, especially in an active retail environment. O’Malley Lumber can create display racks and point of purchase displays for virtually any product. Our wood displays are fully customized for every customer, and designed from plywood to hardwood to exotic species. Our point of purchase displays are guaranteed to bring you more business.

We use custom software that organizes your measurements and plans to create blueprints that are accurate representations of your display. The wood is processed at our sawmills and then assembled by our team of craftsmen. The finished displays are constructed of clean, finished wood that accentuates the product you’ll be presenting in your point of purchase display.

Our manufacturing facilities can produce as many displays as you require, and whether you want a square box with round holes, or a round display with square holes, we can get the job done. After we’ve built your point of purchase display, O’Malley Lumber can finish it with the color or stain of your choice. We can also assist in any or all market’s items. Finally, our fleet of trucks and vans are at your disposal to drop off the displays at your central shipping location.

O’Malley Lumber has worked with thousands of customers and produced award winning point of purchase displays for Fortune 500 companies and all over the world. Unlike plastic or cardboard point of purchase displays, a wooden display:

  • Stands up to high traffic areas
  • Won’t collapse or break over time
  • Accents a product’s look and feel
  • Shows your company’s commitment to using renewable resources
  • Promote your product in a bold manner
  • Will resist all weather

You’ve made a considerable investment in your marketing and business plans. Work with the experts at O’Malley and allow our experience and knowledge help you produce a point of purchase display that gives your product an edge over the competition.

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