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Solid, Dependable Railroad Products

Running a railroad is a massive undertaking, and time, scheduling, and safety are all at the top of any manager or owner’s list. O’Malley Lumber has been supplying railroad products to the industry for more than 50 years. Our clients know they can count on O’Malley for wood products that are of the highest quality and delivered on time.

Chocks, Blocks, and Ties

Our wooden chocks come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are designed to safely secure all types of railcars. We also produce railroad ties that are cut to industry specifications and treated to withstand the wear and tear of diverse environments. If your operation requires blocks and angle blocks that are durable and reliable, O’Malley Lumber produces a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

Our manufacturing facilities have the capacity to turn out large orders of treated lumber for all of your railroad needs. Whether you require new ties for tracks or treated lumber for buildings in the rail yard, we’ve got it covered. In addition to chocks and blocks, O’Malley Lumber manufacturers oak pins and wooden hammers to aid clients in track repair.

All of our products can be shipped to your location via our fleet of tractor-trailers and delivery trucks. We’re located on the East Coast, so overnight delivery to some areas is no problem. In other cases we can easily accomplish next-day delivery.

O’Malley Lumber knows the railroad industry and we’ve worked with all major rail carriers for more than 50 years. Whether you’re looking for railroad products, wooden chocks, or blocking lumber, we’ll provide you with excellent products and superior customer service.

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